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Managed Network Security

Take the guesswork out of your technology infrastructure security with managed services from the pros.

Installation and Upgrades

We have techs available to help with the installation, setup, and maintenance of your business IT systems. This includes and is not limited to LOB Applications from a wide variety of verticals. Ready to upgrade your existing equipment? We have the expertise and tools necessary to upgrade any IT business system

On-Site Repair and Maintenance

When the unexpected happens we have technicians available to effectively troubleshoot any issue. This includes, but is not limited to: Servers, workstations, networks, wiring, phone systems, and printers. We are able to troubleshoot any component of your business IT system.

Emergency / After Hours

Downtime outside of business hours can affect your bottom line just as much as during business hours. We offer Emergency support at any time of day or night. Our goal is to ensure that by the start of the next business day your business IT system doesn’t slow you down.

Need Expert Advice?

Bell Tech Pros has the staff available to suit your business IT needs. Whether its Emergency support or routine Maintenance, let us resolve your frustration in a timely manner.

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Take Advantage of Our Advanced Security Services

Bell Tech Pros is a premier managed security services provider that specializes in a suite of network protection solutions such as intrusion detection, URL filtering, threat mitigation, protective design, ongoing monitoring, implementation and management using the most current technologies. We are an industry pioneer and expert in managed security services. We play a critical role in the delivery of end-to-end managed security services to all our clients across several verticals including healthcare, accounting, and educational institutions. Our one-stop security approach allows our clients to use a single point of contact to transition to a suite of security solutions. Whether you have a small, medium or large enterprise, our security solutions enable you to tighten security measures while maintaining the flexibility to manage the integrity of ventures and scaling of networks. We also provide end-to-end communication solutions that enable our clients to protect company data, manage services, content, and network-based applications to improve e-business productivity. Our managed solutions range from comprehensive professional services, security and data integrity,  network management to converged desktop communication. Bell Tech Pros covers the entire lifecycle of managed security services and specializes in operation, implementation, procurement, and design of necessary security services. We also provide a subscription-based managed security service as an extension of our proven and cost-effective technical expertise.


Our Top-of-the-Line Security Architecture

Our technicians are experts in creating custom-tailored security solutions that our clients can use to protect their ventures from any threat that exists. Bell Tech Pros delivers its managed security services to any size network, putting the mind of our clients at ease with the assurance that their systems and company are sound and safe. Whether an enterprise needs help for data security, wireless network security, virus removal, internet security, spyware protection, or ransomware mitigation, Bell Tech Pros will take care of everything. Your business comes with an inherent risk of numerous internet threats when running its operations. However, with our proactive security services, companies can be assured they are protected against the majority of internet threats. Perhaps your business suffered an attack from viruses or hackers, or you can’t track all flash drives containing employee’s valuable data. Our comprehensive data security solutions can prevent viruses and help entrepreneurs end anxiety about crippling threats and modern attacks. Moreover, our security solutions protect all businesses from every danger out there, so we take care of your business all the time. Bell Tech Pros’ managed infrastructure will help keep your network performing at its peak through 24-hour proactive management and monitoring. That allows our security features to identify potential issues early before they wreak havoc.  We can also give suggestions to help improve the overall performance and efficiency of your enterprise. Our security appliances for any infrastructure can help cover all your internal networking and computing equipment. Our easy-to-use web portal also enables our experts to handle all your routine network management while you maintain control over all your security services.